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Mon&Pau began in 2015 when three friends, Mónica, Paulina and Tatiana, decided to use their experience and know-how of client management and sales in solidarity bazaars and large fashion houses to transform the understanding of a noble material such as leather.

luxury fashion leather monandpau about us

Generally used in high-end fashion pieces for special occasions in cold seasons, it is their belief that leather can and should be incorporated into everyday looks for the whole year, without sacrificing style or comfort.

“It’s a fact that women nowadays need freedom and versatility throughout their everyday, but this does not mean that they want to give up feeling elegant, sexy and empowered at the same time”.

This understanding of fashion is what led to Mon&Pau’s first stretch leather and suede pants collection, which has evolved into today’s full range of pieces and silhouettes, from sweaters to loafers, distributed in two main clothing lines:

Essentials, made up of the perfect color essentials and pieces we need in our wardrobes.

Collectables, where we can find our favourite silhouette in the trendiest seasonal color palette.