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Discover our essential pieces of stretch leather and suede pieces & create your perfect Mon&Pau look in atemporal colors. 

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Black Pijama SuedeBlack Pijama Suede
Black Pijama Suede Sale price€850,00
Black Flare PlongéBlack flare leather pant by Mon&Pau
Black Flare Plongé Sale price€995,00
Pijama Black PlongéPijama Black Plongé
Pijama Black Plongé Sale price€1.075,00
Leather joggers by Mon&PauWomens leather joggers by Mon&Pau
Black Marina Plongé Sale price€880,00
Black Paz PlongéBlack Paz Plongé
Black Paz Plongé Sale price€880,00
Flare Black SuedeFlare Black Suede
Flare Black Suede Sale price€850,00
Black Paz SuedeBlack Paz Suede
Black Paz Suede Sale price€700,00
Black Long Sleeve V Neck T-ShirtBlack Long Sleeve V Neck T-Shirt
Sonia Black PlongéSonia Black Plongé
Sonia Black Plongé Sale price€880,00
Lucia Black  PlongéLucia Black  Plongé
Lucia Black Plongé Sale price€880,00
Black Long  Lola Jean SuedeBlack Long  Lola Jean Suede
Black Long Lola Jean Suede Sale price€850,00
Sold outjersey cuello redondo mujerEspresso Crew Neck Cashmere & Silk
Black Lucie Vest PlongéBlack Lucie Vest Plongé
Black Lucie Vest Plongé Sale price€550,00
Black Marina Shirt PlongéBlack Marina Shirt Plongé
Black Marina Shirt Plongé Sale price€800,00
Classic 5 Pocket Jean Black PlongéClassic 5 Pocket Jean Black Plongé
Black Jimmy Dress PlongéBlack Jimmy Dress Plongé
Black Jimmy Dress Plongé Sale price€1.095,00
Black Beatriz SuedeBlack Beatriz Suede
Black Beatriz Suede Sale price€800,00
Wide leg leather pantBlack wide leg leather pant by Mon&Pau
Black Lola Jean Plongé Sale price€880,00
Sonia Black SuedeSonia Black Suede
Sonia Black Suede Sale price€725,00
Crew Neck Wool and Silk BlackCrew Neck Wool and Silk Black
Crew Neck Wool and Silk Black Sale price€175,00
Monica Skirt Black PlongéMonica Skirt Black Plongé
Monica Skirt Black Plongé Sale price€540,00 Regular price€675,00
Sold outDesigner black suede skirt by MON&PAUDesigner long black suede skirt by MON&PAU
Denim black Skirt Suede Sale price€195,00 Regular price€650,00
Sold outWhite Button Blazer PlongéWhite Button Blazer Plongé
White Button Blazer Plongé Sale price€1.050,00
Victoria Black SuedeVictoria Black Suede
Victoria Black Suede Sale price€375,00 Regular price€750,00
Black Beryl Pant SuedeBlack Beryl Pant Suede
Black Beryl Pant Suede Sale price€825,00
Carolyn Jean Black PlongéCarolyn Jean Black Plongé
Carolyn Jean Black Plongé Sale price€975,00
Sold outTania Legging Black Suede
Tania Legging Black Suede Sale price€465,00 Regular price€775,00
Lola Jean Toffee SuedeLola Jean Toffee Suede
Lola Jean Toffee Suede Sale price€850,00
Black Claudia Pant PlongéBlack Claudia Pant Plongé
Black Claudia Pant Plongé Sale price€570,00 Regular price€950,00
Taissa Skirt Black PlongéTaissa Skirt Black Plongé
Taissa Skirt Black Plongé Sale price€975,00
Black Sandra Skirt PlongéBlack Sandra Skirt Plongé
Black Sandra Skirt Plongé Sale price€850,00
Designer black leather pencil skirt by MON&PAUDesigner high waisted leather skirt by MON&PAU
Black Pencil Skirt Plongé Sale price€550,00
Almudena Off White PlongéAlmudena Off White Plongé
Almudena Off White Plongé Sale price€880,00
Tank Top White Plongé
Tank Top White Plongé Sale price€495,00
Lauren Black PlongéLauren Black Plongé
Lauren Black Plongé Sale price€950,00
Crew Neck Wool and Silk Off WhiteCrew Neck Wool and Silk Off White
Sold outLucie Vest Off White plongéLucie Vest Off White plongé
Lucie Vest Off White plongé Sale price€550,00
Paola Black Plongé
Paola Black Plongé Sale price€528,00 Regular price€880,00
Black Beryl Pant Plongé
Black Beryl Pant Plongé Sale price€950,00
Olivia Jumpsuit Black PlongéOlivia Jumpsuit Black Plongé
Olivia Jumpsuit Black Plongé Sale price€1.500,00
Pencil Skirt Lagarto WhitePencil Skirt Lagarto White
Pencil Skirt Lagarto White Sale price€165,00 Regular price€550,00
Erika Skirt Black SuedeErika Skirt Black Suede
Erika Skirt Black Suede Sale price€820,00
Long Gabrielle Black Plongé
Long Gabrielle Black Plongé Sale price€1.100,00
Sold outTania New Bisque PlongéTania New Bisque Plongé
Tania New Bisque Plongé Sale price€637,00 Regular price€910,00
Navy Wide Suede Pants For WomenClassic Navy Long Gabrielle Suede
Sofia Pant White PlongéSofia Pant White Plongé
Sofia Pant White Plongé Sale price€995,00
Almudena Pants Black Suede
Almudena Pants Black Suede Sale price€725,00
Sold outLucia Off White PlongéLucia Off White Plongé
Lucia Off White Plongé Sale price€950,00
Stefanie with Studs Black plongéStefanie with Studs Black plongé
Lucie Vest Metal Silver Plongé