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Luxury Leather pants on sale designed by Mon&Pau


Our signature leather pants now on sale. Unique opportunity to find your perfect Mon&Pau silhouette that will last forever.

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Sold outTania Camel Plongé
Tania Camel Plongé Sale price€546,00 Regular price€910,00
Sold outBlack Adriana PlongéBlack Adriana Plongé
Black Adriana Plongé Sale priceFrom €425,00 Regular price€850,00
Sold outTube Top Smoky Gray PlongéTube Top Smoky Gray Plongé
Tube Top Smoky Gray Plongé Sale priceFrom €346,50 Regular price€495,00
Lucila Smoky Gray PlongéLucila Smoky Gray Plongé
Lucila Smoky Gray Plongé Sale price€696,50 Regular price€995,00
2023 Jean Asphalt Suede2023 Jean Asphalt Suede
2023 Jean Asphalt Suede Sale price€560,00 Regular price€700,00
2023 Jean Bordeaux Suede2023 Jean Bordeaux Suede
2023 Jean Bordeaux Suede Sale price€490,00 Regular price€700,00
2023 Jean Cinnamon Suede2023 Jean Cinnamon Suede
2023 Jean Cinnamon Suede Sale price€490,00 Regular price€700,00
2023 Jean Smoke Suede2023 Jean Smoke Suede
2023 Jean Smoke Suede Sale price€560,00 Regular price€700,00
Sold outPaola Espresso SuedePaola Espresso Suede
Paola Espresso Suede Sale price€340,00 Regular price€680,00
Victoria Black SuedeVictoria Black Suede
Victoria Black Suede Sale price€375,00 Regular price€750,00
Black Claudia Pant PlongéBlack Claudia Pant Plongé
Black Claudia Pant Plongé Sale price€665,00 Regular price€950,00
Lola Jean Old Linen SuedeLola Jean Old Linen Suede
Lola Jean Old Linen Suede Sale price€680,00 Regular price€850,00