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Luxury leather and suede clothes by MON&PAU



We don’t believe in sustainability as an added value for a brand, but rather as an obligation to guarantee the future of the planet and generations to come. Therefore, we want to encourage you to join our #nowastechallenge.

sustainable leather loafers monandpau
sustainable leather loafers monandpau
sustainable leather loafers monandpau


It all started with the idea that we did not want to throw away the surplus leather that was left over from the manufacture of our pieces. That it how in 2021 we launched our first collection of loafers, entirely manufactured in Ubrique with those remaining pieces of leather.

How can you participate in the challenge?

We guarantee the highest quality of our leather so that the pieces last forever, but if, for whatever reasons, you decide that you want to get rid of your pants or that they no longer serve you, if you return them to us, we will not only take advantage of them to give them a second life, but we will also offer you a 10% off so that you can exchange them for your next favorite model.